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We at Calgary Carpet Cleaning are a team of dedicated professional committed to take care of your carpets.

Many of you will appreciate the comfort and warmness that carpets bring, whether in your home or in professional premises. They are also real decorative elements and can bring a lot of character to a room.

If they do not lack qualities and advantages , they can however be synonymous of inconveniences !

The most important of them? Cleaning. That’s why we at Calgary Carpet Cleaning offer our services for taking care of your carpets in Calgary and Area!

By using our services, you offer a high quality cleaning to your carpets. As Professional carpet cleaners, we have the know-how , equipment and appropriate cleaning products and are able to ensure the washing , but also the drying of your carpets. 

How will your carpet be taken care of by Calgary Carpet Cleaning 608?

Movable carpets

After removing dust and impurities, the carpets are carefully washed with water. Thoroughly cleaned, the carpet fibers find their luster and their true brilliance.

Treated with the utmost care of their arrival to their storage in protective bags, your carpets can also benefit from special treatments against mites at your simple request.

As we are aware of the importance and emotional attachment to your precious carpets, we offer you a very affordable high-end cleaning. 

You can trust our highly qualified professionals specialized in this type of intervention. You will get an optimal result and above all true to your expectations!

Fixed carpets

If the conventional suction contributes to the good maintenance of your carpets, it does not act in depth and does not allow to carry out a complete carpet cleaning .

 At the rate of once a year, it is therefore advisable to call on a professional to offer them a new youth . As real cleaning specialists , we are precisely able to offer you quality services , and above all perfectly adapted to the needs and the nature of your carpets .

 calgary carpet cleaning

Quality cleaning by professionals

Entrusted with highly qualified professionals , your carpets will first be the subject of a careful assessment .

Particularly important, this first step allows us to better know the characteristics of the carpets we are in charge. Depending on the type of fiber and the general condition of the carpets , our specialists will use different products and cleaning methods in order to obtain an optimal result. 

All carpets can of course benefit from special treatments.

In a second stage, Calgary Carpet Cleaning  will vacuum the carpets in order to get rid of the dust and all the impurities that their fibers can contain. 

There are then washed with carefully chosen shampoo and then rinsed with clear water.

The carpet fibers will be effectively cleaned, finding their softness, lust and their initial colors. They will be like new!


Cleaning Carpet throughout Calgary and Areas!

Our Carpet Cleaning Services can be used throughout Calgary and surrounding areas, which is why we cover areas such as:


  • Calgary NW
  • calagry NE
  • calgary SW
  • Calgary SE


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