Q: Are you doing residential or commercial cleaning?

A: We serve more than 200 customers each year, both for the cleaning of carpets in an apartment and for the cleaning of a large-scale commercial yard. We have experience for all types of cleaning contracts.

Residential, commercial and industrial cleaning are all quite different jobs. We have teams that do only residential, industrial cleaning teams and teams that do everything.

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Q: What is your Specialty?

A: Everyone who works for Carpet Cleaning 608 excels in his specialty. All have more than 5 years’ experience and several more than 10 years.

We are more than twenty cleaning experts on the ground every day: teams for carpets and furniture, pressure washing, drying of walls and floors after Damage or loss.

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Q: What makes you different from other cleaning services?

A: We are a local and independent company that has no royalty to pay as a foreign franchise system. Nor are we subcontractors operating trademarks of well-known trademarks such as department stores.  In this way, we offer always advantageous prices and we are cleaning specialists. Our president himself has been cleaning up for 20 years of his life. Cleaning expertise is part of the company’s culture. The efficient functioning of Carpet Cleaning 608 allows us to invest on powerful equipment such as factory trucks, to buy the best cleaning products and also to attract a handpicked staff whose know-how defies all competition.

Q: Do you have good prices?

A: Our services are offered at the market price and we often have promotions. During these promotions, we offer the best prices on the market for any cleaning. Otherwise our prices are average. We are not the most expensive nor the cheapest. On the other hand, do not miss our promotions, our promotions are winners.